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Multipurpose Ladders

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Corvids brings you 12 ft (12 steps) compact Folding Aluminium Multipurpose Step Ladder. The Folding Super ladder features square rungs & supporting tubes for unrivalled stability, 2 stabilizer bars with anti-skid PVC shoe ensures the ladders stays in its extendable form without shaking or wobbline while in use. It is an ideal aluminium ladder for home use. Sturdy Aluminium alloy construction with 1.5 mm thickness makes it resistant to water, rust & corrosion with Load capacity of 150 kg. Meets the highest safety standard of EN-131. The folding ladder required no assembling, each section is connected with security lock hinges, just unlock the hinge to change the required shape of ladder, the hinge gets auto-locked after every position change. Folded size 97 x 35 x26, A-frame height: 6 ft, Full length height: 12 ft, Net Weight: 12 kg, Load Capacity: 150 kg, 12 steps (4 sections x 3 steps) multipurpose step ladder ideal for all home & outdoor purpose.